Horseshoe Canyon Black and White


The Horseshoe Canyon in Utah

This beautiful scenery of the Horseshoe Canyon horseshoe image is found in the region of bad lands south west of United States ( Utah). The canyon horseshoe is formally known as barrier canyon and forms a magnificent prehistoric feature in America .It’s known to host some of the greatest gallery of rock art which is believed to have been written by early native Indian settlers and drawn in colored mineral pigments.

The Colorado river winds and cuts through rocks of the mighty gorge, very fast and deep through the sandstone forming a horseshoe like bend in the canyon, hence its name. Canyon horseshoe is a magnificent desert hike feature that can be worth a visit. The canyon horseshoe is made of huge slabs of rock and sandstone some appearing darker while others appear lighter colorwise.The rolling hills and the top of the rim form a suitable fun place to camp at night and hike in the day. It forms a vertical-walled deep ravine but in the distance you can see more cliffs , plateaus and ravines. On top of the two canyon cliffs are too steep and the gradient becomes steeper as you descend down.

At the bottom of the canyon is a curved section along the river heaped with large sand hills on which small vegetation cover grows. For example, cottonwood tree, desert plants and wild bushes. The walls of the canyon appear smooth while some are streaked with a darker band of popular desert varnish. Walls are eroded by rain and wind beating against them forming huge en-cloves and galleys. Looking closely at the base of the cliffs you can see sandy slopes on which small plants flourish watered by the trickling water from the rocks. Canyon horseshoe can be accessed from Hanksville side via Utah highway about 30 mile drive.



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