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Colourful Peacock

Colourful peacock wild Buenos Aires Argentina

The blue peacockcomes originally from India but for centuries have been introduced to virtually every continent on the planet because of their beauty and...
Old wooden barn in Ontario Canada

Old barn in Ontario Canada

Every province in Canada and state in the United States have plenty of rural barns.  This old barn in Ontario, Canada is no different...

Toronto 22nd edition of the Contact Photography Festival

The Contact Photography Festival  comes to Toronto each spring and is well worth a few trips.  I say a few trips as there is...
Street Photography Toronto with old man riding bike in Dundas Street West district Toronto Canada

Old man biking street photograph Toronto

Going out and doing street photography on the streets of any town or city if full of wondrous visual stimuli.  Similar to New York,...

Man in Dundas West section of Toronto Canada

The Contact Photo Festival in Toronto Canada is held every spring.  The photo festival features over 100 exhibits from various photographers and is spread...

Top Selling Stock Images

My stock image library is massive and growing.  Currently I have over 200,000 images which I upload on a regular basis to my favourite...

84 Free Stock Image Resources

84 Best Free Stock Image Sites We have done exhaustive research and brought the original list up-to-date and now we have an amazing Free Stock...

Famous Bodeguita del medio

Thousands of tourists visit the Bodeguita del Medio in Havana Cuba each day, which was made famous by Ernest Hemingway.  Hemingway's watering holes in Havana...

Lancelin sand dunes racing

Dune driving at the Lancelin sand dunes near Perth in Western Australia We woke up at 3am and drove from Perth along the coast to Lancelin,...
Pinnacles rock formations western australia

Pinnacles strange rock formations

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia Ancient desert sculptures of the Pinnacles, can be found at the Nambung National Park, about a 3 hour drive...
Classic cars passing by the streets of Old Havana

Classic cars passing by the streets of Old Havana

Cuba is just simply a photographers paradise My wife and I spent 11 days in Havana and Trinidad Cuba and we walked and photographed from...
Dan Kosmayer Cuban Dance Group

I passed the Cuban dance audition

My next career as part of the Cuban dance tour.  They needed a 'Charlie Brown' look-a-like in the crew.   Don't I fit in perfectly 🙂

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