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How to Copyright a Photograph or Image

How to Copyright an Image

How to Copyright an Image or Photograph Digital theft online is rampant in today's digital world. I have had my images at Kozzi has been...
Top selling stock photos on shutterstock

Top selling stock photos

Most downloaded stock photos on Shutterstock As one of the largest stock image contributors on Shutterstock, my portfolio of stock photos is quite expansive. My...
Tutorial How-to Create an Anne Geddes Baby Portrait

Tutorial: How to Create an Anne Geddes Baby Portrait

Create Baby Portrait in a flower with Photoshop The sleeping babies of Anne Geddes are some of the most well-known and best-selling images in the world. Ever...
Best Free Online Photo Editors

8 Best Free Online Photo Editors

Online photo editors allow users to fully edit your photos in your browser directly The world is congested with images, billions uploaded daily to social...
Toronto Subway Gritty Street Photography

Toronto Subway Gritty Street Photography

Toronto Street Photography On a cold March day in Toronto, Canada, I went for a walk in the city core where Toronto's main train and...
Remove Chromatic Aberration with Adobe Lightroom

Remove Chromatic Aberration Adobe Lightroom Classic

Chromatic aberration occurs when the camera lens fails to focus all colors to the same point and is very easy to correct in Adoble...

Urban Photography

The interdisciplinary art of urban photography showcases a mosaic of modern experiences and documents the ever-evolving essence of past and urban environments. Drawing from a diverse collection of artistic disciplines, from architecture to portraiture, urban photography visualizes the conversation of urbanization into an art form. Through the use of a lens it brings to life the contemporary sociological, archaeological, and historical context of cities and their citizens, both modern and ancient.

Dan Kosmayer