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Kozzi is offering unique, beautifully composed images direct from the studio. Find the perfect stock photos and editorial pictures from Dan Kosmayer and the Kozzi studio.  Our customers love that when they buy from the Kozzi Studios, they are not only purchasing a genuinely unique product direct from the photographer, Dan Kosmayer but also supporting a small business.

Kozzi was founded and built on the ideas of Dan Kosmayer, one of the world’s top-selling stock photographers based in Toronto, Canada.  Toronto, with nearly fifty percent of its population born outside of Canada, is often referred to as the most multicultural city in the world, with over 200 ethnic groups and over 140 languages spoken. This ethnic and cultural diversity allows Kozzi to feature a diverse selection of models.

Natural Language Search

Kozzi's search allows users to type using their everyday language rather than keywords. Users can use entire sentences as if they are speaking, resulting in accurate search results.

Superior browsing experience

Browse through our beautiful photo material on Kozzi.com, built for speed and mobile compatible, hand written descriptions and first hand travel articles, enhancing your searching experience.

Lower Pricing

The entire Kozzi collection, including thousands of images never seen before, is for sale on Kozzi. Because we sells images directly, the prices here are lower than on other stock agency's websites.

Photos exclusive to Kozzi

Kozzi is a premium stock photo site for unique imagery! We produce all our images, are of the highest quality, and exclusive to Kozzi only; you won’t find them anywhere else!