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New photo application for iOS 10 coming soon

New and improved photo features in the updated version of iOS written by: andres8 Thanks to a range of new updates that Apple has...


Photoshop Tutorial: Add Dramatic Lighting to Portraits

I admit it: I love layer masks. Layer masks rock. For adding darks and lights to an image, nothing beats an Adjustment Layer with...
bronze sculpture

Tutorial: Create the Look of Bronze Sculpture

In this tutorial, I hope to shed some light on how to use textures to modify photographs. You may have heard an artist say...
Create a Custom Palette

Painter Tutorial: Create a Custom Palette

Wouldn't it be great if you could group all of your favorite brushes together in one handy place? Well, Corel Painter has just such...

Tutorial: Create Gold Jewelry with Photoshop, Part One

A few weeks ago, I featured the work of Photoshop wizard Nathan Smith (here). Nathan creates images that seem to contain lots of hand-wrought...

Tutorial: Add Craquelure to Your Digital Oils

Last week's post about's Modern Renaissance, featuring modern-day celebrities digitally added to the great works of the past, inspired me to give it...

Graphic Design

Add a Favicon

Add a Favicon to Your Site

Being a successful online marketer is all about paying attention to the little details. The favicon is your sites logo and is often over...
Sergio Melero

Tutorial: Illustrator Sergio Melero

Illustrator Sergio Melero, from Valencia, Spain, is a busy guy. While working on his doctoral thesis, he works at the R&D department of Movement...
Easy website builder at

Build your own website has never been easier

Build your own website has never been easier; whether you are using it for your business or personal use. This is because of website...

10 Amazing Ways You Can Improve Creativity

Improve Creativity: What do Highly Creative People do Different? Have you ever wondered how to improve creativity and how a creative genius might do his...
Vector and Bitmap Graphics

Vector and Bitmap Graphics Explained

In the world of 2D digital art, there are two major categories of graphics -- bitmaps and vectors -- yet so far we have...


curated content logo image

Pinterest tip curated content

Brian Carter, at the Social Media Marketing World, offered a tripartite rule on social media curated content posting for successful social media marketing. He...
edit a tweet

How do you edit a tweet once its published

In the old days, you couldn’t edit a tweet. If you sent out a regrettable tweet, that was it. You had to delete it...
Sell fine art: Image of laptop with Vincent Van Gogh show how to sell stock photography online

7 Places to Sell Fine Art Photos Online

Marketing: Sell Fine Art Photography Sell fine art before the Internet, artists had very few outlets to sell their work. The main choices were galleries...
Fine Art America

Marketing: A Review of Fine Art America

In recent years, Print On Demand (POD) technology has made it much easier to get reproductions of artwork into the hands of collectors. POD...

Marketing: Fine Art America Review, Part 2

Back around the end of May, I wrote about my experiences getting started with Fine Art America. One month has gone by, so it's time...


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