We are not your average travel stock site

We are different.  For us, travel photography is the most inspiring and exciting form of photography.

The interdisciplinary art of travel photography showcases a mosaic of modern experiences and documents the ever-evolving essence of past and current urban environments. Drawing from a diverse collection of artistic disciplines, from architecture to portraiture, travel photography visualizes the conversation of urbanization into an art form. Through the use of a lens it brings to life the contemporary sociological, archaeological, and historical context of cities and their citizens, both modern and ancient.

The desire to create compelling travel photography for the sole purpose of popularity or salability is the furthest thing from our mind. There are many talented photographers that create technically and visually appealing images with a pre-conceived notion of popularity or salability.  To us, a great image must have sole, a genuine moment that evokes emotion. It must lead the viewer into an exploration of ones thought and imagination. Every capture is unique, every trip a new experience and this is why we love what we do.

Sharing beautiful travel moments

My wife and I now travel the world seeking new adventures and photographs.  We share these photos and the stories behind them, offers travel advice and tips on how to improve your travel and photography.  Our images have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and are represented by the world’s top stock photo agencies.  We now share our photography for just $1.00 an image.