Sailing at Sunset Key West Florida


Sailing at sunset on a beautiful sunset in Key West, Florida

This Sailing at Sunset Florida image presents a beautiful sunset in Key West Florida. Do not focus mainly on the sunset despite the fact that, the sun is the main feature that brings life to this image. However, the sky should not be underestimated. It has clouds that spread across the sky taking much of the photo.

The sky, being a bit dark but not too dark since the light from the sun is blocked in some parts of the sky by the clouds. This sends a wide variety of both light and dark themes across the image. The light from the sun also spreads across much of the photo up to the water. The water is calm and relaxed as the boat is calm as well. The water reflects the light from the sun giving this Sailing Florida Image a light taste.

Sailing Florida

The unique features do not just end there, the sailing boat, which is the focal point of this photo apart from the sun is also another feature not to ignore. Actually, you cannot ignore it. The setting of this sailing Florida image sets the boat at about a third from the left. It appears as if it is under the sun however, it is far away from the sun.

Another unique feature that adds value and creativity to the image is the sailors in the boat. Nevertheless, the landmarks that are far away from the boat. The photographer took the photo at a very crucial time, as the time sets.

Bottom line

The sailing Florida image is magnificent as it reflects a perfect sunset. the focal point of the image is the sailing boat and the sun. Nevertheless, the sky and all the other features such as the clouds that spread across the picture taking the larger space of the photo brings life to the whole picture.

You should appreciate what the image reflects. How it makes you feel or rather what it installs in you. From the sky, the sun, the clouds, the calm water, to the sailing boat, it is just amazing as all these features contribute to the pictures beautiful and chilly mood.

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