New York City abstract building


What’s the story behind this photo?

The photograph of a New York City abstract building was shot during on one of my walking tours of Manhattan, New York. Although the image has been photographed countless times, this image questions whether the image is real or some abstract composed in Photoshop.

My goal for this image was to have the viewer question the reality? Is this something composed in Photoshop? There is no Photoshop manipulation in the New York City abstract building photograph. I carefully composed the image so that the dividing edges were dead centre.

Pro Tip

I just love the architecture of this New York City building. It’s a sharp contrast to other buildings I have shot in Manhattan and New Jersey. I have shot this ‘abstract’ condominium on many occassions, from many angles. On this occasion in particular, I previsualized the final image before pressing the button on my Sony mirrorless camera.

Previsualization is where the photographer can see (visualize) the final print before the image has been captured. Ansel Adams often comments that “Visualization is the single most important factor in photography”. On a recent trip to Maine, I had the pleasure of talking to Paul Caponigro which knew and worked with Ansel. He joked about how Ansel would continuously stress “previsualization”.

What I was looking for was an angle where I can split the two portions of the image equally. Creating an abstraction of reality. Since the image had very little color other than a blue cast from the sky, I immediately saw this as a high contrast black and white image.

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