Baby brown bear with mother


This is one of my favorite shots of a baby brown bear cub from my trip with Art Wolfe, one of the most famous travel photographers in the world. The image was shot with a 600mm Canon lens with a 1.5x Expander to capture this touching and intimate moment.

Dan Kosmayer a Canadian artist-authored this photo. He says that this photo is one of his favorite and he took it with his Art Wolfe-a very famous photographer. This is an image that shows a baby brown bear cub with its mother. This image can be used in the campaign of wildlife conservation in North America and North Eurasia. The image can also be used specifically to help in brown-bear conservation that is highly endangered. The population of brown bears is approximate 2012-from a survey that was taken in 2012. These brown bears were also found in North Africa, Mexico, and California but were hunted to extinction in the 19th and the 20th century.

Bears are very endangered and this photo can also be used to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and global warming that have reduced the size of ice caps which are the home to bears. This image can be used during the international polar bear day that is celebrated on 27th February of every year to raise awareness about the conservation of polar bears.

There are many myths about the brown bears that have always been told since the beginning of time. One of the greatest myths about these brown myths is that the brown bears are from a different species from the grizzly bears. All bears are of the same species called Ursus Arctos. Brown bears that are found in Europe are considered bigger than other bears that are found in the world. They are predominantly black in color and have very dark craws. These brown bears are mainly omnivorous-they feed on flesh and vegetation. Bears have also been used in wise sayings in Asia and Europe.

Mother bears are known to very protective of their young cubs. The mother bear will always lead her cubs from the den to the big tree where the cubs can stay away from predators.

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