Time Square in July


Time Square New York image in July

People, people, everywhere. People sit among one of the most well-loved, and recognized places in the world. Here you see a moment captured in a Time Square New York image.

On this steamy and humid day in July, we get a brief glimpse of what defines The Big Apple. Native New Yorkers, tourists, and other visitors come together in one place as they go about their business, and as they pass through this well-traveled location. Some walk, some hurry, some shuffle, and some sit. No matter their purpose, they all contribute to the typical busy scene on a New York City street.

A moment is frozen in time. The heart of a city beats on. Welcome to the magic made by a specific place where the whole world unites, if but for a second.

We see what makes this city great. We see what people bring it to life. Take in the big-screen TVs that light up that corner of the world. Take in the largely-seen ads that influence millions. Catch a glimpse of some taxis zipping by. Catch a glimpse of life in New York. Feel its ambiance.

Well-known names, symbols, people, and words draw us in. We’re filled with pride at the thought of the men of the New York City Police Department – those who maintain order and keep the peace. A spark of recognition lights up in our mind at famous names as we think, “We know THOSE.” Symbols remind us how much silly decorations can say so much.

People sit and wait and rest, in the city that never sleeps – an oxymoron, of sorts. Where did they come from? Where are they going? Why are they there? None of it really matters. The point is they are marking their spot in history, at this famous place, on this day and time.

This is a place like no other. We can see it through this simple Times Square New York image.



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