Homeless man India Street Person


Homeless manĀ India Street Person and Shoes discarded

This is the perfect homeless man India image that tells you a lot about this country. You would be struck by the vivid imagery here. Even though there are no words, but simply everything is visible here.

The first thing that strikes you is the number of shoes and slippers that are strewn about. They are all in such disarray. This indicates the chaos in the country. There is no discipline visible here. It does not state where the owners of these footwear are, but it indicates that there are a large number of people here. After all, India is a highly populate country and there are a large number of people here.

This is a perfect homeless man India image as there is no indication of any home in this picture. There are a number of broken walls around. These have the plaster peeling along with faded white wash. This shows the apathy of the people there. It also indicates the economic situation of the country. It shows that people do not have enough for their basic sustenance even.

This homeless India image is very striking

Another thing that strikes you is the dirtiness. There is a lot of dust and rubble lying around. It means that it is a poor country as dirtiness is usually linked to poverty. People have no incentive in cleaning up the place as they are more focused on managing their basic needs.

There is the leg of a child that is visible. Only one foot is wearing a slipper while the other is not. It indicates the disinterest of the wearer. The person is wearing torn and dirty shorts. He looks dirty and appears forlorn. Just this one image is enough to indicate the state of the entire nation. This is a high impact photo that is a true reflection of a complete country.


  1. This is the honesty of the person. He is poor, can not manage his basic needs. Apart from this, he have only one slipper in his foots whereas there are lots of slippers looking in this image. He did not even touch these.


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