Iceberg Landscape Antarctica


This image shows the iceberg landscape in Antarctica. Icebergs are the giant pieces of freshwater ice which float around in the sea water. This iceberg of Antarctica is a small one, but still, it weighs more than thousands of tonnes. The bigger ones can even weight in billions of tonnes.

This iceberg looks very small, just as big as a normal house. But, this is the only 1/10th part of the volume of that iceberg. The remaining 9/10th part is still in the water, it happens because the density of pure ice is less than the density of sea water, therefore it floats but most of the part stay immersed in water. Therefore, it’s much larger than it looks.

This beautiful Antarctica Iceberg looks blue in color because of the fresh water ice. These icebergs move with the help of winds and currents. In the summer, when the temperature still below the zero degree celsius, this iceberg melts and the amazingly beautiful designs appeared on it. This image of Antarctica Iceberg shows the beauty of that place.


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