The old west saloon


18th Century gold rush mining town Bodie California

The image describes The Old West Saloon. The image mainly shows the 18th Century Gold Rush Mining Town Bodie, California. The picture mostly tries to explain the events in California in the 18th century. Bodie was a minor town in California that was mainly developing because of the mining activities that were taking place in the town. Many people in California do not know much information about the historical events that were taking place in the city. The ancient Indians mainly inhabited Bodie until many workers started arriving in the town when it was discovered that the town had numerous deposits of gold beneath it. This mass migration of workers could be referred to as Gold Rush.

The population of the gold rush town of Bodie rose to about 10,000 people in the 18th century. However, the town was later to be famous because of its wild living that was signified by numerous saloons and breweries that were distributed in the main street. After 1882 the town began to decline because the rich mines began to decline, and the mining companies began to go bankrupt. In addition, two significant fires ravaged the city in 1892 and 1940. These fires made the town fade, and the town has been left a ghost town. Today the town has been left bare and scary. The town stands just like time, and the fires have left it.

In 1962, the town was preserved as a state historic site that has attracted many local and international tourists. The government has protected about 200 buildings. These buildings stand on remote land that is approximately 1000 acres. Bodie gives the tourists a good insight into the gold-rush period.

The image is shot with a Hasselblad medium format camera at a whopping 65 meg digital back for a high-resolution photograph suitable for fine art printing.

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