Lost Head New York City Fine Art Photograph


Lost Head – New York City Graffiti

New York is known for its graffiti. Many of these might be perceived as average vandalism; however, some creations are genuinely artistic. There is a talent in street art that frequently goes unnoticed, and New York is home to many such beautiful designs. These are creations that lend the place a personality – and they are the ones to look out for.
Dan Kosmayer’s eye caught something nearly ten years ago as he walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn. A little after the Brooklyn Bridge, he saw a building with this street art and captured it forever in a single shot. It was later published as a part of his signature series, and we can see why it cut. Its unusual composition is captivating – and has fascinated many people over the years. However, it has spurned people to seek it out to see it for themselves. Shot in black and white, the contrast in the image is further emphasized. However, what is genuinely mesmerizing is the juxtaposition of the comical and the real. Moreover, the graffiti in the surroundings of what has become known as ‘The Lost Head’ lends a chaotic perfection to the composition.

As can be seen in the image here, street art allows the artist to leave their mark on the place. Frequently, it is used to convey a message, but sometimes it depicts only an emotion. Here, you are treated to nonchalance. However, despite its aloofness, the lost head stares back at you, inviting you into the rougher parts of the city.
Who knew that a single urban picture of street graffiti could capture the essence of a place within it? New York is not all about the fast pace and work, some parts of it are still struggling, and what better way than ‘The Lost Head’ to remind you of this.

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