Old broken truck in Southwest USA


A broken truck southwest Image

An old, rusty broken truck is parked in a vacant lot, neglected, and far from its former days of glory. Its pale, aqua paint, once shiny, is dull and lifeless. Two bright, shiny red lights stand out against the tired form of the vehicle. The rusted rims hold onto the chunky, black tires, and the auto’s spare hangs out to the side, leaning against the passenger door, waiting for who-knows-what.

The only semblance of other life is in the existence of a sign standing to the right behind the truck. Sinclair is its name, and curiously it has a green brontosaurus as its logo. It declares the higher gas prices of the southwest in the 21st century for unleaded, premium unleaded, and diesel. The corner of a building peeks cautiously into the picture, a mere corner and door being visible.

Seen in the background, far in the distance, the sun paints with a glorious palette of yellows, pinks, and oranges against the pale sky. The now hidden glowing ball of fire is slowly sinking away from view, so it can rest for the night.

We can see the truck image in the southwestern state of Arizona.  The photograph shows the true nature of the region. It’s accented by dry dirt and rocky cliffs, with minimal green vegetation, tucked here and there throughout the burnt grass, brown weeds, and hardened ground. Hills or mountains cast a purple silhouette against the lit sky, looking on as if hoping to be closer to the view we admire.

A lined, paved highway starts from the left edge of the shot and lies along the truck’s lot. A single-pole​ and lone sign verify its use, but it doesn’t appear to be a heavily trafficked location. In fact, the whole scene seems quiet, calm, and in some ways, untouched.

Here we see a reflection of nature and time in this truck southwest image. It’s both beautiful and ugly, simultaneously. It sparks your interest and grabs your attention. It’s fascinating.

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