Isolated Tree Death Valley Sand Dune


Sand Dune Formations in Death Valley National Park, California, USA

In this image of Sand Dunes Death Valley, you see a deserted, lonely, isolated lone tree. This tree is in the middle of the Sand dunes, In Death Valley, located in the sunny state of California. There is nothing but tons of sand dunes and the hazy sky above. Mountains are viable in the background of this tree. It seems almost lonesome, to see a single tree, with no other signs of life around it. No other plants, animals or vegetation can be seen in this image. Only a lone tree, solely surviving on its own. It looks like a very hot, dry and harsh weather environment for anything to survive in. The sunset must be blaring down on the tree, at all hours of the day. The climate in California can become extremely hot. It is the desert, and one of the harshest ones yet! Death Valley can reach up to the very high 100’s in temperature. It rarely rains, making the water very scarce and hard to get.

This tree is amazing for being able to take such harsh and hot weather. Death Valley doesn’t have much to offer, it is mostly just sand, and brush. This tree is almost like a fighter. It survives with no help from anyone else. No water is being provided to it. It is amazing how plants can fend for themselves, even in the toughest situations and scorching hot climates! The sand must be extremely hot as well. Death Valley isn’t exactly a nice place for a stroll! This tree truly does have the willpower to survive. A human would not even dare to step foot in this hot desert, because the chances of surviving are more than slim. There is no water in sight, just the hot atmosphere around you. It is also very dry and looks more than uncomfortable to be in.

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