Abandoned House Kerry Ring of Fire Ireland


Ruined house inside the ring of kerry, Ireland

Driving through the Ring of Fire in Southern Ireland is a joy. Along with your typical cliffside expansive views, I came across several abandoned houses. This photo features a house that must be at least 100 years old, but more likely much older. The roof has decayed, and trees have overgrown the roof. It actually looks like the roof is made of tree foliage.

The stone of the walls of the old dilapidated house looks like it was constructed by hand using rocks in the region. Each stone varies in size and shape.

The only peculiar part of this building is the steel roof that is to one end of the building. The roof is rusted by still fully intact. It makes one wonder, why was one part of the building covered with a reasonably new roof but the other left to rot for an extended time.

These are the mysteries that make photographing abandoned buildings fun!

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