Inspiration 20 amazing photomanipulations

To celebrate the 175th article on Kozzi Images, I’ve decided to celebrate by doing one of my favourite things: a showcase of great work. Besides, I love being able to share the work of fabulous, incredibly imaginative artists with you.

Dream of a Photomanipulator, by Rekano
Dream of a Photomanipulator, by Rekano

All of these images come from These are some of the best examples of photomanipulation I’ve come across. Most of the time, the image will be a collage of several photographs. Often, the photocollage is then hand-painted in Photoshop or Painter. Additional elements can be painted in, partially covering over the original photographs. In the deviantArt community, “photomanipulation” is any image that includes photography (as opposed to digital painting, which is done from scratch). Here then is my collection of the best of the best. Enjoy! (Click on the artist’s name or the image to go to their gallery.)

Michael O

Apple, by Michael O. This is a great example of how photomanipulation can start with a photo (inset), and turn it into a completely new and amazing work of art.
Another amazing work by Michael O. Click on the image to see more.
Trophy Wife, by Michael O


The Bird’s Queen, by Cristalart

Autumns Goddess

Intention, by AutumnsGoddess


Submariner, by Higherdepths


Follow Your Heart, by Schnette


Dream of Silk and Silence Part 2, by OneTaintedAngel


The Summoner, by Indigodeep


Society, by Gloom82

Billy Pilgrim

Portrait of a Sad Song, by Billy Pilgrim


Once in Venice, by ZWIR


Nature, by Heakmeat


Endangered Species, by MrNoxx


Dream, by Taenaron


Do You Believe in Magic, by Ghwamba


Depression, by Betweentheclouds


After the Ball, by Tammara

Bob Nolin

Myrddin, by Bob Nolin.