How to find copyright free images


Today there are dozens of websites with free stock photographs. Finding decent, free images has never been more accessible.  Some free stock picture sites feature hundreds of thousands of copyright-free photos.  Just click on any of the sites below for free images for personal use and many of them for commercial use.

29 of the Best Copyright-Free Images Sites for 2022

I have revamped and updated my list of copyright-free stock photo sites for 2022 to include websites with quality, fresh free, professionally produced stock images. Most of these photos are entirely free to use for commercial purposes.  You can also search for premium travel, nature, and lifestyle images on

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1. Unsplash

I have moved Unsplash to the top of the list. The website has hundreds of thousands of free, professionally produced stock photos. The pictures come with high-resolution photographs and a medium-sized gallery. No attribution is required and is released for free under the license provided by Unsplash.

2. Burst

Burst offers free stock photos for websites and commercial use. The website is run by Shopify and includes thousands of professionally produced images.

3. Free Images

Free Images (formally called stock xchng) is an excellent site for free stock photos. The image selection at stock xchng is extensive, and they also include a lightbox feature to save images. With a name like that, Free Images, of course, has to be entirely free at stock xchng, which it is. Once you sign up for your free membership, you are free to browse from almost half a million photos. You can find plenty of free stock images here, but you should not expect excellent quality. At least the site is searchable, though occasionally ask you for attribution.

4. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the most impressive sources of stock images. About that membership: while you are not mandated to sign up with them to see if you want to enjoy their site and photos freely, you have to. It doesn’t take too long, and once you do it, you don’t have to complete the Captcha challenge on every single download, which can be pretty grueling after a while.

5. Skitter Photo

A searchable site with no membership requirements but a relatively small gallery, the photos are HQ.

6. Travel Coffee Book

This is another beautiful site with a small but very potent gallery of free stock images for commercial use. Not all of their pics are HQ, but most are, and you are not required to do anything in terms of obligations.

7. Image Base

The photos on Imagebase are free to use and are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Images are available in two high resolution (1600 x 1200 or 3072×2048) formats.

8. Image Finder

Image Finder, another site that uses Flickr’s photos, delivers a nice blend of convenience and quality. The gallery size is enormous (after all, you can search from Flickr’s database), but that also means it can be pretty slow sometimes. No membership requirement.

9. ISO Republic free stock images

The ISO Republic provides high-resolution pictures, and there is no membership required. The size of the gallery could be bigger, but no site can be perfect. It’s also a plus (for most) that there are no attribution requirements at all.

10. Jeshoots

No membership or attribution is required, and they have a sizable gallery of truly HQ photos. It is also searchable, although there is a twist. You have to use the search engine to look for specific categories.

11. Stock Polio Free Images Creative Commons License

A stock site with a very creative name, StockPholio is under Creative Commons, which means another site with Flickr interest. Their engine can be searched, and no membership is required, so all in all, a quality option.

12. Stock Vault

Stock vault is a classy, modern site with thousands of images and Photoshop tutorials.  With one of the largest databases around, Stockvault is one of the better options you can find. Not only most of their images are high resolution, but their database is also searchable, and there are no attribution requirements whatsoever

13. Kaboom Free Pictures

This site comes with a small library of free stock images for commercial use but manages to compensate it with quality and a pretty free-spirited system. You are not required to create an account, but attributions are mandatory.

14. Ancestry Images

An old one but still useful for those odd needs like antique images specifically, Ancestry Images is the place to go. The concept is exciting, but we cannot say that it does not work. You browse their selection without signing up for a membership does not hurt its popularity either. Currently, there are more than 30k photos in the stock, and other than the attribution, you are free to use them.

15. Free Range Stock

Free-range requires registration before you can download; they have many free stock images. While there are no categories for browsing, it is a searchable site but is not the most popular for a couple of reasons. For starters, you can only use it if you have a membership, not to mention that attribution is also required. The size of the gallery is nothing to write home about either. Among the positives, we can say the abundance of high-quality images you can choose.

16. Life of Pix

Does this site have a small gallery? Yes. Is it searchable? No. However, there are upsides like Life of Pix does not concern itself with copyright restrictions whatsoever. Anything you see you can use, without restrictions.

17. Foter

One of the most extensive online photo galleries with more than 200 million photos, it is only fair that we ask for a searchable engine. Foter delivered this, and although attribution is required from those who want to use these high-resolution images, at least you don’t have to sign up.

18. Pictography free hi-resolution images

Picography has a relatively small gallery, but you can search for all of their pictures, and there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can download anything you see.

19. Photober

Photober requires you to credit them for their photos, but in return, they give you plenty of freedom. You don’t have to register at their site, and you can search for anything that comes to your mind.

20. Free Images UK

Freeimages offer more than 16,000 medium-resolution stock photos in 89 searchable galleries, as well as marketing tips, links, wallpapers, templates, and other goodies. Another one with the same roots, offering all of their images for free in return for a small favor, you credit the photographer. The gallery is rather sizable, and although not all of their pictures are available in high resolution, you will be able to find many HQ photos in their selection.

21. Photo Everywhere UK

Photo Everywhere has free travel stock photos, especially from the UK, categorized by geographical region.  Photo Everywhere’s niche is traveling pictures, and they are very good at it. Their gallery contains 4,000+ images, with most of them being HQ. You are required to give credit to the original creator (link back required), but you can save their stuff without registering an account.

22. Pexels

Pexels (great name, right?) is another site with a unique take on the stock photo landscape. They don’t have many photos, to put it mildly, but what they do have is a very intriguing business philosophy. See, not every ordinary photo can make it to Pexels. They hand-pick their stuff, only selecting magazine-quality photographs both from a quality and a style standpoint. You may not find a whole lot of pictures on their site (precisely 1600 at the moment), but those photos will be quality.

23. Free Stock Photos Biz

Free Stock Photos has over 15,000 free stock photos for download, nicely grouped into many categories.

24. Foodies Feed

You probably already figured out from the name that we are dealing with another genre-specific site of free stock images for commercial use. At Foodies Feed, you can find all kinds of mouth-watering free stock images about foods, courtesy of Jakub Kapusnak. You can not only search the site, but you are not required to sign up for membership either. While attribution is also not mandatory, the original creator requests it from everybody, which is only fair, of course.

25. RGB Free Stock Photos

RGBStock reminds me of my favorite pay-for-stock site. Same nice pop-ups when you hover over an image, same clean design. The only difference is: Every picture and free stock photo you can find on this site is free in every way imaginable. You are not required to credit the photo’s original source, nor do you have to register. The high-resolution stock contains north of 100,000 images.

26. Pic Jumbo

Free stock images from Viktor Hanacek’s site offer you a relatively extensive collection of photos, a lot of them coming from the young man himself. You can also search for specific images, and you can do that without creating an account. It has one of the most extensive galleries for a site that can be associated with a single photographer, although to be frank, he is not the only artist at work. You can also request weekly photos sent in an e-mail message if you want.

27. Designers Pics

Another website by a single photographer of free stock images for commercial use, DesignerPics, celebrates the work of Jeshu John. It has a similar system to free stock photos at Cupcake in a way that you are free to use the pictures, and you don’t have to give credit to the original artist if you don’t want to. You are also free to edit the images. The obvious downside is the size of the stock. Still, unlike Cupcake, DesignersPics is searchable, which is a huge positive (even though you will often not find free stock images you want unless it’s something generic).

28. Pickup Image

Free public domain images, how does this sound? Not bad, right? And in return, they don’t ask for a whole lot of things. You don’t have to create an account nor credit them to get free stock images; all you have to do is visit their site. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

29. Foca Stock

Foca is another site with a unique name that comes with a small but HQ gallery of free stock images for commercial use. No attribution is required, which is ultimately positive, and the same is true about the fact that you don’t have to sign up to enjoy their stuff. I don’t dream about searching their collection, though.

Well, I hope you find this list of copyright-free images for commercial use helpful.