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As you walk the streets in New York, photographing the people and places in the vibrant city, you are reminded of the many homeless people living on the streets. In New York, there are 70,000 children, women, and men living on the streets every night. Of those, it is estimated by the Bowery Mission that nearly 4,000 sleep on the streets.

New York City Streets typically has 70,000 children, women, and men living homeless in on the streets every night

This is a great black and white street photograph shot from New York.  Yes, it’s a homeless person, and there are plenty of unfortunate soals in Manhattan.  The man in the photograph was sitting on the steps of a church cathedral in New York City.  His face was obscured by the newspaper he was reading.  To help keep himself warm, the homeless man tied garbage bags around his legs.

But what struck me if this photograph is the homeless man was reading The New York Independent newspaper.  I watched him for a short time.  He was not holding up the newspaper to hide his face from being photographed; he read through the articles.  It’s a sad state of society when an individual with enough wherewithal to read and have interest in current events is left homeless in the streets trying to keep warm with plastic garbage bags.

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