Fortress Door covered in Roots


Dark and moody image of giant roots overtaking a wall with a doorway that has been cemented closed

This image taken from The Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabana in Havana, Cuba invokes a sense of wonder. Why was that door there? What did it lead to? The massive fort walls designed to defend the city of Havana, the capital of Cuba. The tree roots engulfing this single entrance looks like something from a fantasy novel. Massive roots and tree trunks completely surround the entrace, that looks relatively tiny in comparison.

The crazy tree root pattern reminds of my Secluded Forest with Wild Trees image.

The image was very well received on my Dan Kosmayer (Kozzi) Instagram account. I converted the image to black and white and spent a large amount of time highlighting the tree and wall to give a more 3 dimentional look. This picture is excellent as a fine art print. You can download a high resolution image for only $5.00 and print it at any of the dozens of printing spots online. 

Copyright: Dan Kosmayer
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Dimensions: 6630 x 5304 px | 300dpi
Releases: Model – no | Property – no 

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