Colorful fall leaves in Ontario Canada


Fall leaves in Ontario’s forests.

There is nothing so beautiful at this time of year than this luscious picture of fall leaves. This gold, green, and orange pathway inspires and uplifts anyone who looks and travels down the calming path. It is like calm going in an enchanting land of color and beauty for the eyes. For the ears, it is like walking through a wonderland of delicious crunches beneath your feet. Your nose will be presented with the aroma of fall, and your mind will wander to what is inching your way; Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The falling leaves in this picture bring back memories of one’s youth, a time when leaves were not only magical and wondrous but a time of carefree living; as you walk in a wonderland of color, light, and warmth. What could be more engaging than walking through a pathway like this and being surrounded by loveliness and enchantment?! A path like this can transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary day, a day that you will remember for a long time.

Gorgeous colors and shapes, as you walk through the path, will remind you of days that were simpler, more easy-going, of times when you were young and in love, and of times when the world stood still for a while. When a pathway like this can take you to another world, what can compare to its beauty and wonder? As you walk through this wonderland, you will forget your problems and worries and for a while and enjoy the splendor and lushness of fall.

Fall in love with this pathway, and if you do, you will never forget this moment! And, as you remember this beautiful moment of fall, you can always return to this memory when life becomes too much. The colors of gold, green, and orange will remain in your mind, and by closing your eyes, you will return to this wonderland of beauty, charm, and warmth! Look again at this picture and feel the warmth and glow of life!

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