China Tibet Mountain Range


This mountain photograph near the Tibetan region of Northern China has an eerie baren look with the barren mountains and few trees.  We are at such a high elevation that barely any vegetation or growth is visible.  All you see is the ripples of the sides of the mountains that go off into the distance.

Northern China’s Tibet region is a barren wasteland. I am not sure precisely the elevation we were at, but we photographed ourselves at the highest point at 10,000+ feet on that day. The air is thin at this elevation, and you have to ensure you consume adequate amounts of water to remain hydrated.

At 10,000 feet elevation, the mountainous terrain looked like something from another planet.

Once I processed this image in color, I liked it, but I felt that the black and white transformation would emphasize the texture more with so little actual color. So, therefore, once I had the tonality down in black and white, I sparingly added some of the tones back from the color version to give the image a greater tonal warm feel.

Unfortunately, the GPS unit on the Nikon camera did not capture the coordinates for some reason.

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