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The Best Online Resources for Free Stock Video Footage


You may be a journalist or a blog owner, adding video footage to the content written and published by you would help you gaining more readers. However, not all sites having a collection of video footage offer them for free. This stops people with zero or little funds to include relevant video footage in their blog, websites, social media posts etc. The section below will bring an end to such misery by providing you information on the best online resources for free stock video footage.

Free footage from public domain films- Visit iMovies; they have a wonderful collection of some of the most popular public domain films. You can download them from the site absolutely free of cost. At iMovies, you will get films of all your favorite genres, sci-fi movies, B-movie classics, horror films etc.

Free footage of violence- If you are in search of footage showcasing blood splatters, smoke streams, and explosions visit the official website of Detonation Films. This website contains a series of video clippings of fun effects, fireballs, bullet hits, muzzle flashes and explosions. It’s true that the majority of these videos are SD or 4×3, but this specification doesn’t stop them from integrating into HD frames. There’s also a bonus in store for you; you will find some effects that are pre-keyed.

Free footage for news items- If you are in need of newsworthy and topical clips you will have to visit The News Market. This site also has several VNRs or video news releases. The News Market is particularly useful for people searching for BRolls (journalists and individuals creating documentary pieces). One of the most promising attributes of this site is that a large number of clips it has come accompanied by shot lists. This makes the job of tracking down footage that would meet your needs aptly absolutely easy.

An online library for free videos- Visit the official website of Wikimedia Commons, an online library boasting a huge collection of a series of open source media including photos, sounds, and videos. The video clips you will get on this site cover an array of subjects; so, you will find this site useful irrespective of your purpose of searching for free video footages. However, the site has a disadvantage; its search functionality is slightly limited. This means you will need to dig deep to spot the clip you need.

Site offering a free stock pack- Till very recently, VideoCoPilot was not categorized as a stock-specific website. However, right now it is difficult to leave this site out when listing websites offering free stock video footage. It’s because VideoCoPilot has released a stock pack that can be used by all users of the site for free. The pack contains a total of 20 textures and elements, each of which is equally high in quality. You might not need the pack at the moment, but still, we would suggest you to download it. Having it in the editing toolbox may come in handy at a later time. VideoCoPilot will provide you access to a series of post-production tips and amazing tutorials.

A website that sends stock video footage for free- The name of the website is Footage Firm. It’s famous for sending free stock video footage. When on Footage Firm, your job would be to select clips from any one of the libraries they have. That’s it; you will get all those clips mailed to you in the form of a DVD. The only cost you’ll need to bear is that of shipping and handling.

Free stock video footage of animals- If you are searching for free stock video footage of animals, visit Some might accuse the site of being a little amateurish, but that doesn’t make it less useful for people looking for videos that feature a great selection of animals. The three main sections of the website are marine, wildlife, and pets.

The names discussed above are the bests when it comes to websites offering free stock video footage. Some other names you can rely on when looking for high quality, free video clips are Open Footage, Clip Canvas, Free Video Footage, Cute Stock Footage etc. Each of these sites boasts hundreds of stock videos that you will be able to download absolutely free of cost.

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