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10 Magnificent photography from all over the world


A Feast For Sight: 10 Awe-inspiring Photos From All Over The Globe

Take your breath slowly, slowly, exhaling it with equal speed; make sure everything is perfect, nothing is there worry about, no sudden change to adjust to; another relaxing gasp of breath, then steady, steady, and shot!

There is hardly anything that can beat the thrill of creating a perfect camera shot. But arriving there, being able to sniff the perfection, this is something that takes years, if not decades to fully learn. Yet even then, even if the training is there, the mastery of making a perfect shot is all but vain without being followed by due dedication and passion for art.

The dawning of the digital age have brought new possibilities to photography. Whether by a virtue of complete overhaul or just a simple color enhancement, almost every professional photo nowadays is digitally rendered. Some welcome the idea, others still consider it unwholesome, but there is no denying the esthetic appeal of these retouched photos. Provided that the editing is slight and done with some class, of course.

Slide through some of these professionally rendered 10 Great Photos, and soak up their beauty.

  1. Eiffel Tower: Paris, France

10 great photos - Eiffel Tower Paris

2. Stonehenge: Wiltshire, England10 great photos - Stonehenge world travel images

3.Kardamili, Southern Greece

10 great photos - Kardamili Southern Greece

4. Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

10 great photos - pyramid of Giza Egypt

5. Antarctica Iceberg

10 great photos - Antarctica Iceberg

6. Times Square: New York City, USA

10 great photos - Times Square New York

7. Dubai: United Arab Emirates

10 great photos - Dubai City UAE

8. Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco California USA

10 great photos - Golden Gate Bridge San Franciso

9. Park of the Aqueducts: Rome, Italy

10 great photos - Park of the Aqueducts at Sunset Rome

10. Horseshoe Bend: Page, Arizona, USA

10 great photos - Horseshoe Bend Page Arizona

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