Arizona Canyon View


This is one of my favorite hidden spots in Arizona. The colors in the canyon are just so unreal. Unfortunately, it is located on the Navajo reservation, so you need a guide if you want to go into the canyon.

One salient point about taking amazing photos of the American Southwest Canyon is that you can not capture the grandeur of canyons in a single photograph. But that does not stop me from trying.

I set up my Hasselblad medium format camera on a sturdy tripod in this photograph. I then composed the shot to include foreground and shot multiple pictures using the bracketing technique. In this case, my foreground was simply the edge of the massive rock canyon, which gives the viewer a sense of depth and scale.

The dynamic range of the Hasselblad medium format camera allows me to capture in vivid detail the darkest shadows right to the brightest highlights. This makes an ideal fine art photograph to print hand hang on your wall.

Copyright: Dan Kosmayer
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