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Kozzi.com was founded by professional photographer Dan Kosmayer. With over 30 years of experience capturing stunning images and curating inspiring, intimate collections of the natural beauty of the everyday, his work has placed him as one of the top stock photographers in the world.

With an emphasis on narrative, and on capturing subjects with a story to tell, Dan’s work is a true collection of intimate reflections of life at its best. With an international portfolio, his work reflects a culturally diverse range of subjects from all walks of life. His work covers everything from nature to portraits, from architecture to organic. With a unique, artistic approach, his photos capture the imagination with arresting clarity and evoke thought on every subject.

Now the entire Kozzi collection, a combination of award-winning and never-before-seen artistic snapshots and fun stock photos, is now available in their entirety online, right here! As all images are sold directly from the artist to you, you will enjoy the best rates guaranteed. With hundreds of thousands of images, and rates lower than any stock agency, you can fill your every photo need.

Urban Photography as a Lifestyle

Dan has always been fascinated with urban photography, which he sees as the most inspiring and exciting form of travel photography. For him, urban photography is an interdisciplinary art that showcases a mosaic of modern experiences and documents the ever-evolving essence of past and future.

Urban photography visualizes the conversation of urbanization into an art form and draws from a diverse collection of artistic disciplines, from architecture to portraiture. Through the use of a lens, Dan can bring to life the contemporary sociological, archaeological, and historical context of cities and their citizens.

Dan circumnavigates the world seeking new adventures and unconventional urban photography subjects from streetscapes, to architectural studies and portraiture.

See the world through his lens. View and download his images and follow the adventures on Kozzi.com.